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August 22, 2014



2013 Hall of Fame Inductees

Congratulations to the members inducted into the Alumni Hall of Fame for 2013:

Harold Busby

Molly Munger
Community Service

Starla Lewis


Tim Estes

Richard Jimenez
Science (Medicine /Health)

Jacque Robinson

Mildred Turner
The Jim Brownfield Service Award

2014 Nominations

     Anyone may nominate a candidate but candidates must meet requirements set forth  on the nomination form.

     Nominations for the Hall of Fame for the class of 2014 are now closed and were due on April 18, 2014 at 5:00 PM (PDT).

The Rich History

    In 1980 Mildred Turner and Loren Shirar established the John Muir Pride Task Force. The purpose was to improve school pride and campus beautification. They did this by

making spirit buttons, painting the campus, creating murals, planting projects and various fundraisers and other events to help fund the many ideas to improve the school. Then in 1988, the Alumni Hall of Fame was created to further demonstrate the potential of the students.

     The purpose of the Hall of Fame is to honor our alumni that have had an outstanding career in their chosen profession and to use them as an example to Muir students that they have the potential to succeed just as these alumni have done.

     The criterion to be inducted is as follows: The recipient must be a graduate of John Muir Tech, John Muir College or John Muir High School in Pasadena, California and not be employed at Muir for at least one year. The candidate must have or had an outstanding career in their chosen profession which has resulted in a direct and significant impact in their field for at least five (5) years. The categories in which the candidate can be recognized are: Business, Community Service, Education, Government Service, Performing Arts, Science (Medicine or Health), Sports & Coaching, Visual Arts, and Writing (Author or Reporter). Up to seven alumni could be inducted into the Hall of Fame each year. Two additional awards may also be awarded: the Rufus Mead Award is bestowed upon alum that has made overwhelming contributions in either of the above categories. And the Jim Brownfield Service Award was created to honor non-alumni that have shown extraordinary and sustained service to the students and the school.

     The inductees are selected by a committee which includes teachers, students, administrators, other HOF inductees and Association Board members. This committee meets privately to review the profiles of those nominated and work independently to choose the most worthy candidates for the Hall of Fame. The inductees are then officially inducted in a ceremony at Muir during homecoming week. The inductees are also honored during half-time at the Turkey Tussle on the Rose Bowl field. Then the inductees photograph is mounted next to other members on the "Wall of Fame" at Muir where it will be displayed for all time. And finally, we honor them here for the entire world to see how much we care about our alumni and their achievements.

Jill Hawkins
Chuck Malouf
Hall of Fame

1988 Inductees
1989 Inductees
1990 Inductees
1991 Inductees
1992 Inductees
1993 Inductees
1994 Inductees
1995 Inductees
1996 Inductees
1997 Inductees
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2013 Inductees

Please plan to visit the Muir Museum.

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Inducted 1988
Robert B. Lowe
Jackie Robinson
Mathew "Mack" Robinson
Brad Jose Truitt
John Van de Kamp

Inducted 1989
Robert Barnes
Alice Brown
Elbie Hickambottom
Nathaniel Rosen
Gail Tusan-Joyner

Inducted 1990
Darrell Wayne Evans
Major-General Royal N. Moore Jr.
Edwin Norgord
Dr. Oscar Streeter
Renee Tajima
William Worrill

Inducted 1991
Juliana Gondek
John Charles Hora
Clarence "Buddy" James
Edward Henry Johnson
Erical LaDawn-Law
Jean Parker
Joel Sheldon

Inducted 1992
Stephen Bentley
Octavia E. Butler
Larry Cole
Dr. Willard Goodwin
Rod Sherman

Inducted 1993
Stacey Augmon
Pauletta deVaughn-Mayerhofer
Christopher DeVore
Sandra Ell (Rann)
Dr. Regina Mills-Bey
John Zweers

Inducted 1994
Sandra Buckner-Gooch
Millicent Crisp
Phillip N. Jackson
Dr. Lynette Jackson-Peoples
Johnnie Lynn

Inducted 1995
Chuck Bradford
Porfirio "Fio" Frausto
Dr. Alexander Goetz
Helen Pashgian
Lewis Peters
Marcus Robertson

Inducted 1996
Amelia Crawford
Cameron Turner
Dr. Joseph Abe
Geaninne Jordan
Pauline Jordan
Pamela Roberts

Inducted 1997
Frank & Bea Abbey
Carole Foster-Hall
William J. Galloway
Terry Green
Darick Holmes
Jeffrey C. Stewart

Inducted 1998
Sgt. Major Terry Fitzhugh
William Garnett
Jerry Proctor
Dr. Henry Tai

Inducted 1999
Kenneth H. Burrows
Colette Cozean
Sherwood A. Mark
David Lee Roth
Jacque Vaughn

Inducted 2000
Habib Balian
Robert S. Carroll
Samuel Estrada
Bobby Hutcherson
Inger Miller

Inducted 2001
Charles K. Bell
Jennifer Frautschi
Milton "Bruce" Smith
Steven R. Swayne
Jennifer Townsend
Peter Trivers
Jerry L. Welbourn

Inducted 2002
Mickey Anderson
Francois Garrard
Joe Hayashi

Inducted 2005
Darlene Anderson
Ko Nishimura

Inducted 2006
Robert (Bob) Lynn
Lewis Underwood


Inducted 2007
Chad Brown
Dr. Eddie Newman
Victor Wright
Susan Boyle
Arnold Hacket

Inducted 2008
John Beal
Lt. Phlunte Walsh-Riddle
Flora Calusdian Dunaians
DeWayne Walker

Inducted 2009
Col. Donald J. Alser
John Calmore
Ricky Ervins
Jeff Ettinger
Dr. Barbara Mossberg, Ph.D.
Lewis Alexander Peters
Sylvia Martin Walker

Inducted 2010
Colonel Alfonso Oseguera
Neal H. Brockmeyer, Esq.
Dr. Gloria C. "Ginger" Cole
Susana Martinez-Stevenson
Dr. Atilia Martinez-Stewart, M.D.
James "Jim" Brownfield **

Inducted 2011
Dr. Carol Miller-Cassell
Don G. Strametz
Gerald K. Freeny
Deputy Chief Darryl Qualls
Andre Coleman
Mamie Coleman

Mrs. Nettie Piggee **

Inducted 2012
Major General Daniel Hernandez
Dr. Steven G. Clarke
Joe Peron
Dennis E. Muren
Loren Shirar *
Chuck Malouf **

Inducted 2013
Harold Busby
Molly Munger
Starla Lewis
Tim Estes
Richard J. Jimenez
Honorable Jacqueline C. Robinson
Mrs. Mildred Turner

*Rufus Mead Award           ** Jim Brownfield Service Award


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