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Celebrating 10 Years!

November 18, 2015

2015 Hall of Fame Inductees

Introducing the 2015 Hall of Fame Inductees:
(L-R) Boswell, Patton, Shaheed, Henderson, Wallace, Gutierrez, Sameshima, and Bond

A military veteran, a jazz musician, a multi-dimensional volunteer, a college professor, a police officer, a poet, a business executive, and an entertainer have been selected to be inducted into the 2015 John Muir High School Alumni Hall of Fame.

For Government Service, Hitoshi G. Sameshima, class of 1939, (deceased). He was drafted in 1944 into the U.S. Army and assigned to Military Intelligence School where he served as a POW interrogator in the Philippines. After the war he served as a translator and court interpreter for the Army. He was among the group of Nisei (2nd generation Japanese-American) veterans for WW II to receive the Congressional Gold Medal given to Nisei veterans for the Army in the 10th Infantry Battalion, the 442nd Regimental Combat Team and the Military Intelligence Service.

For Performing Arts, Nolan (Smith) Shaheed, class of 1967. He is a multi-talented jazz musician that plays trumpet and was influenced by Dizzy Gillespie and Count Basie. He has played with many musical icons including Jeannie & Jimmy Cheatham, Anita Baker, Teddy Edwards, Marvin Gaye (for whom he was Musical Conductor), Diana Ross, Phil Collins, Freddie Hubbard, The Duke Ellington and Lionel Hampton Orchestras and many others.

For Community Service, Jim Henderson class of 1970. He has been a multi-talented volunteer in the Pasadena / Los Angeles area for over 40 years including while a student at Muir, at his church, in local schools and during his working career with his colleagues, and with local jazz music festivals and local sororities. He is President of the John Muir High School Alumni Association and has spent countless hours planning, organizing and implementing various programs with his staff.

For Education, Dr. Ricky Gutierrez, class of 1971. After serving many years in the military, his passion was to put his education to work and to succeed in all he does. He earned his Ph. D in Political Science from Washington State University and is now a full professor in Criminal Justice at Cal State, Sacramento. His education experiences include: working with local police organizations, advising and mentoring students, teaching at many levels, writing grants, writing publications and has won many awards for excellence in education.

For Government Service, Lt. Rodney D. Wallace class of 1971. Wallace worked in many areas including Air Support, Detectives, Neighborhood Crime Task Force, Professional Stands, Community Services, and Technical Services. He retired in 2013 after 33 years. His gift for connecting with and inspiring youth, and working with many youth groups, has helped character-building for local youths and has earned him many awards.

For Writing (Author/Reporter), Dr. Bruce Bond class of 1972. He is considered one of the foremost contemporary poets and has published over 800 poems in leading literary journals and anthologies such as Poetry, The Yale Review, The New Republic, Harvard Review and Raritan. His poems have been selected for inclusion in the annual anthology, Best American poetry, and he has published over ten full-length books. He was nominated numerous times for The Pulitzer Prize for his literary work.

For Business, Waraire Boswell class of 1993. He is a very successful clothing designer and creative fashion genius. He is internationally recognized amongst the Who’s Who in the World of Couture Fashion for his unique style. Some of his clients include: LeBron James, Tyler Perry, Oliver Stone, Kobe Bryant, D. Wade, Chris Bosh, Raphael Saadiq, Doc Dre, Mat Kemp, Magic Johnson and Norman Lear. He was awarded Mercedes Benz Classic Designer of the Year and GenArt Fresh Face of the year.

For The Jim Brownfield Service Award, Eugene "Gene" Patton, (deceased). He was a custodian at Muir, a school volunteer and mentor to many Muir students from 1964 to 1985. Gene encouraged many students to stay out of trouble and go to class. He provided food to needy students; took donations to help students buy shoes and worked with many community action groups. He was a performer and guest judge on the TV show, “The Gong Show” as “Gene, Gene the Dancing Machine.”

A ceremony honoring these inductees was held Saturday, November 7, 2015, at the Rufus Mead Auditorium, the school auditorium. Visit the bio page for full details of these inductees.

Nominations for the 2016 Hall of Fame are now being accepted. You must use THIS FORM to submit your nominee. Nominations must be submitted to reach us by Friday, April 15, 2016, 5:00 PM (PT).



John Van de Kamp
Class of '52. 1988 HOF

Spotlight on Hall of Fame Members...

John K. Van de Kamp was born on February 7, 1936. He graduated from John Muir in 1952. He then attended and graduated from Dartmouth College in 1956 and then from Stanford Law School in 1959. He served as assistant U.S. Attorney and later became the first federal public defender in Los Angeles. He was appointed District Attorney after the previous incumbent died in office.

During his tenure as Los Angeles County District Attorney, Van de Kamp dramatically increased the number of female deputy district attorneys in the office. He also created special units to focus on gangs, sexual assault, domestic violence, child abuse, and career

criminals, and a unit to monitor crime in the entertainment industry. He set in place programs to help victims and witnesses, as well as quick response teams in cases of police officer-involved shootings.

During Van de Kamp's administration as California Attorney General, he helped to create the Public Rights Division, which focuses on the enforcement of environmental, consumer protection, anti-trust, and civil rights issues. He also helped to modernize the Department of Justice by beginning support of DNA forensic investigation. He was re-elected easily in 1986.

In 1990, Van de Kamp retired from politics and with his wife returned to his hometown of Pasadena, California, where they still live. Since leaving public office, Van de Kamp entered private law practice and has remained active in environmental causes.

Van de Kamp was elected the 80th president of the State Bar of California for 2004-2005. He currently serves as president of the board of directors for the Planning and Conservation League.

The Van de Kamp family is also famous for its bakeries and Lawry's Restaurants in Southern California.

Chuck Malouf
Jill Hawkins
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Inducted 1988
Robert B. Lowe
Jackie Robinson
Mathew "Mack" Robinson
Brad Jose Truitt
John Van de Kamp

Inducted 1989
Robert Barnes
Alice Brown
Elbie Hickambottom
Nathaniel Rosen
Gail Tusan-Joyner

Inducted 1990
Darrell Wayne Evans
Major-General Royal N. Moore Jr.
Edwin Norgord
Dr. Oscar Streeter
Renee Tajima
William Worrill

Inducted 1991
Juliana Gondek
John Charles Hora
Clarence "Buddy" James
Edward Henry Johnson
Erical LaDawn-Law
Jean Parker
Joel Sheldon

Inducted 1992
Stephen Bentley
Octavia E. Butler
Larry Cole
Dr. Willard Goodwin
Rod Sherman

Inducted 1993
Stacey Augmon
Pauletta deVaughn-Mayerhofer
Christopher DeVore
Sandra Ell (Rann)
Dr. Regina Mills-Bey
John Zweers

Inducted 1994
Sandra Buckner-Gooch
Millicent Crisp
Phillip N. Jackson
Dr. Lynette Jackson-Peoples
Johnnie Lynn

Inducted 1995
Chuck Bradford
Porfirio "Fio" Frausto
Dr. Alexander Goetz
Helen Pashgian
Lewis Peters
Marcus Robertson

Inducted 1996
Amelia Crawford
Cameron Turner
Dr. Joseph Abe
Geaninne Jordan
Pauline Jordan
Pamela Roberts

Inducted 1997
Frank & Bea Abbey
Carole Foster-Hall
William J. Galloway
Terry Green
Darick Holmes
Jeffrey C. Stewart

Inducted 1998
Sgt. Major Terry Fitzhugh
William Garnett
Jerry Proctor
Dr. Henry Tai

Inducted 1999
Kenneth H. Burrows
Colette Cozean
Sherwood A. Mark
David Lee Roth
Jacque Vaughn

Inducted 2000
Habib Balian
Robert S. Carroll
Samuel Estrada
Bobby Hutcherson
Inger Miller

Inducted 2001
Charles K. Bell
Jennifer Frautschi
Milton "Bruce" Smith
Steven R. Swayne
Jennifer Townsend
Peter Trivers
Jerry L. Welbourn

Inducted 2002
Mickey Anderson
Francois Garrard
Joe Hayashi

Inducted 2005
Darlene Anderson
Ko Nishimura

Inducted 2006
Robert (Bob) Lynn
Lewis Underwood

Inducted 2007
Chad Brown
Dr. Eddie Newman
Victor Wright
Susan Boyle
Arnold Hacket

Inducted 2008
John Beal
Lt. Phlunte Walsh-Riddle
Flora Calusdian Dunaians
DeWayne Walker

Inducted 2009
Col. Donald J. Alser
John Calmore
Ricky Ervins
Jeff Ettinger
Dr. Barbara Mossberg, Ph.D.
Lewis Alexander Peters
Sylvia Martin Walker

Inducted 2010
Colonel Alfonso Oseguera
Neal H. Brockmeyer, Esq.
Dr. Gloria C. "Ginger" Cole
Susana Martinez-Stevenson
Dr. Atilia Martinez-Stewart, M.D.
James "Jim" Brownfield (JBSA)**

Inducted 2011
Dr. Carol Miller-Cassell
Don G. Strametz
Gerald K. Freeny
Deputy Chief Darryl Qualls
Andre Coleman
Mamie Coleman

Mrs. Nettie Piggee

Inducted 2012
Major General Daniel Hernandez
Dr. Steven G. Clarke
Joe Peron
Dennis E. Muren
Loren Shirar *
Chuck Malouf (JBSA)**

Inducted 2013
Harold Busby
Molly Munger
Starla Lewis
Tim Estes
Richard J. Jimenez
Honorable Jacqueline C. Robinson
Mrs. Mildred Turner (JBSA)**

Inducted 2014
Lecia Joseph Van Horn
David Takemura
Tony Crutchfield
Jill Hawkins
Tecumseh Shackelford (JBSA)**

Inducted 2015
Hitoshi G. Sameshima (1939)
Nolan (Smith) Shaheed (1967)
Jim Henderson (1970)
Dr. Ricky Gutierrez (1971)
Lt. Rodney D. Wallace (1971)
Dr. Bruce Bond (1972)
Waraire Boswell (1993)
Eugene "Gene" Patton (JBSA)**

*Rufus Mead Award           ** (JBSA) Jim Brownfield Service Award


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