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Homecoming Planning Committees Need You!

Next JMHSAA Board
Meeting Saturday,

Sept. 9th at 10:00 AM
in the Library

Homecoming Weekend
Nov. 2nd - 5th, 2017

2017 Class Reunions



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Celebrating Over
a Decade of Service!

  'Stangs House

Today is


Help Send Muir Cheer to NYC

Muir Pep is seeking your financial help so they can travel to New York in November for the 2017 Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. We are honored that our school has received this wonderful invitation to participate in the parade.  Click here for more details


Welcome Dr. Lawton Gray... We Wish You Well, Tim Sippel

It's official, the baton has been passed, Tim Sippel has boarded a plane for Boston to work on his Doctorate at Harvard and Dr. Lawton Gray will make his mark on Muir as its principal. We are proud of both educators, for Muir is a win-win situation. A tear for Tim and a warm embrace for Lawton. Go Mustangs!!!


A new exhibition examines the life and work of celebrated author Octavia E. Butler (1947-2006), the first science fiction writer to receive a prestigious MacArthur “genius” award, the first African American woman to win widespread recognition writing in that genre and a Muir Hall of Fame Member. Butler’s literary archive resides at The Huntington.


Who will be honored as the next Hall of Fame Inductees?

Hall of Fame Members for 2017 have been chosen and the sealed envelopes will be delivered on July 15th. Inductees will be announced July 16th.
Be sure to check back to learn their identities!


(L-R) Dr. Rosemary Smith, Richard Okumoto, Dr. Fran Vernon, Dr. Julie Bunn,
Ken Whittingham, Jan Berkeley, Joel Bryant and Angela King



We are super-proud of 2017 Tournament of Roses - Rose Parade President
and John Muir Alum Brad Ratliff! Well done!
Pasadena Unified School District #MuirRising #GoMustangs



Celebrating More than a Decade of Service to Alumni & School

We are so very proud that we are celebrating a milestone for the John Muir High School Alumni Association - More than Ten Years of Service to the Alumni, School, Students, Administration and Faculty of our beloved Alma Mater. We ask now more than ever that you join and become a paid member!

We thank those Alums that shared a vision and started this organization to support Muir and help to make it a better school for its students and to be a resource for the thousands of alumni that still care about the school.

Thank you to all of our members that, through their dues, support us so that we, in turn, support the school.

Please help us grow into the largest Alumni Association- Ever. Become a Member of the John Muir High School Alumni Association.  The only way you can become a member of this organization is to complete an application and send it in or join online here. So why not do it today. It's only $25 annually and we can do so much to help make Muir better when we put all those dues dollars together.

We need you, won't you Join Today?    And don't forget those Member Benefits !

      A few words about Facebook. While we encourage you to join our Facebook page and join in on the varied conversations that are lively and informative, joining Facebook does NOT make you a member of the Alumni Association. We realize that there has been some real confusion about that so we want to make it clear that there is only one way to claim membership and that is to complete an application and send it along with your check or to pay your dues online and receive your membership card. That's it - So no more confusion, right?

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[The alumni websites listed above are maintained by each class. Please direct all questions and comments about those websites to their respective contacts]

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